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About Brenda Revelle-Wilson

I grew up in North Carolina. I earned my Master's degree at East Carolina University and started a career in Allied Health Sciences. I was licensed as an Audiologist and helped people to improve their hearing health and well-being. Later in life, I made the transition to pharmaceutical sales and I provided products and services to physicians to improve the health of their patients.

Looking over all my work experience, the theme has centered around helping people improve their quality of life. Now in real estate, I strive to help my clients and customers obtain their real estate goals. That goal could be their dream home, a vacation home or an investment property for extra income. I want to be a trusted advisor and an expert facilitator. Affiliated with one of the most highly regarded brokerage firms in the greater north metro area, I am constantly receiving ongoing training, staying on top of market trends and keeping knowledgeable of industry regulations so that I can educate and protect the consumer.

If you are interested in buying or selling real property or you just want information that could be beneficial to you, please contact me. I’m here to help.

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